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Search Result for : medak
S. No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
21 15-Oct-2014 HEAD LIGHT TO 765-82-SB395, qty. 279 nos.
OFMK/TM/V410314 DT.16.08.2014
Ordnance Factory Board,Medak
22 15-Oct-2014 CONVERTOR PAG-1F TO SPECN.002.016TY PART NO. 730-80-222/DS CAT PART NO. Z-18/52-15-00-000, QTY. 101 nos.
OFMK/TM/V410614 DT. 18.08.2014
Ordnance Factory Board,Medak
23 15-Oct-2014 FILTER F-1, qty. 111 nos.
OFMK/TM/V403114 DT.08.05.2014
Ordnance Factory Board,Medak
24 15-Oct-2014 HEAD LIGHT TO DRG. NO.675-95-CB167 LV2/RCV 6230-000335, qty. 98 nos.
OFMK/TM/V410514 DT.16.08.2014
Ordnance Factory Board,Medak
25 15-Oct-2014 GYRO DRIFT INDICATOR GPK-59 127 TY PART NO.Z-18/51-19-00-000, QTY. 133 SETS
OFMK/TM/V410114 DT.13.08.2014
Ordnance Factory Board,Medak
26 15-Oct-2014 UNIFIED PR.WARNING DEVICE CDY-6-2, 6, QTY. 425 NOS.
OFMK/TM/ V410214 DT. 13.08.2014
Ordnance Factory Board,Medak
27 15-Oct-2014 (1) AUTOMATIC CIRCUIT BREAKER AZS-5, TY 16-526-015-73, QTY.183 nos.(2) ACB AZS-30 TO SPECN TU 16-526-015-73, qty. 50 nos.(3) ACB AZS-50 TO SPECN TU 16-526-015-73, QTY. 202 N
OFMK/TM/V410014 DT.13.08.2014
Ordnance Factory Board,Medak
28 15-Oct-2014 HEAT SENSOR TD-1 TO SPECN. TD1.000 TY, qty. 571 nos.
OFMK/TM/V410414 DT.16.08.2014
Ordnance Factory Board,Medak
29 15-Oct-2014 Slip ring box (TCRB) to drg. No. 675-79-SB3, qty. 19 sets
OFMK/TM/V409014 DT. 23.07.2014
Ordnance Factory Board,Medak
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