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S. No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
361 23-Mar-2017 Rep. and maint. Of one NHS Block NHS-11-83-90 (Eight units) inside and outside at Subhas Colony under Dhemomain Group of Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
362 23-Mar-2017 Thorough rep. and maintenance of a NHS Block vide No. 20-172-181 out of which 6units inside and 10 units outside at Seetalpur 4 no. under Sodepur (R) of Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
363 23-Mar-2017 Repairing of Block with up-gradation work of a B type Qtr vide no.-B-012-042 to B-012-045 (4 units) at Seetalpur near Shivmandir under Sodepur (R) of Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
364 23-Mar-2017 Repairing and Maintenance of Three Nos. B Type quarater (Block No. B-06, B-07 and B-11) Total 11 (eleven) units quarter under Dhemomain Colliery, Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
365 23-Mar-2017 Thorough rep. and maint. Of a NHS Block 94-697-704 at new colony in which 7 units inside and 8 units outside under Perbelia Group of Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
366 23-Mar-2017 Upgradation work at Block No. B-01-001-004, B-02-005-008, B-03-009-012, B-06-21-24 and B-07-25-28 opposite GM and PGPT mess under Chinakuri Mine-I Colony (16 units inside and
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
367 23-Mar-2017 Thorough Rep. maint. Of a NHS Block vide no. SDPA-PAR-AMD-NHS-24-181-190 ie. Upgradation out of which 6 units iside and outside 10 units under parbelia of Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
368 23-Mar-2017 Thorough rep.-maint. of B type Qrtr. (02/05 to 08) at Patmohana Colliery under BMP Group of Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
369 23-Mar-2017 Block repairing work at Seetalpur Sharma Centre vide Block. No. NHS-029-232-239 (A.C. Sheet) out of which 6 units inside and 8 units outside under Sodepur (R) of Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
370 23-Mar-2017 Thorough rep. of Block C-01-001-004 (internal 03 units and outside full) at Chinakuri Mine-3 under Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
371 23-Mar-2017 Thorough rep. of Block BEQ-21-34 S-S at Chinakuri Mine-3 Colony under Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
372 23-Mar-2017 Thorough rep.-maint. Of NHS Block (03/021 to 026) at Sodepur 9-10 no. line par (3 units inside and 6 units outside) under Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
373 23-Mar-2017 Thorough repairing work of B type Qrtr B-10-33-36 out of which 04 nos inside and outside under Sodepur (R) near Shivamandir under Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
374 23-Mar-2017 Repairing of Block work with up-gradation NHS Qtr No.-06-039 to 06-046 at Sodepur Line Par under Sodepur (R) Colliery (4 units inside and 8 units outside).
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
375 23-Mar-2017 Thorough rep.-maint. Of BEQ Block (01/01-003) at Poidih under Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
376 23-Mar-2017 Thorough repairing and maintenance of C type Block No. (C-001-01-03) under Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
377 23-Mar-2017 Thorough rep. and maint. i.e. upgradation of a NHS Block consisting 10 units NHS Qtr. Vide No. 70-500 to 509 near Kalimala under Perbelia Colliery of Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
378 23-Mar-2017 Making 02 (two) nos. transformer platform 68 level in between 04 and 05 Dip, 02 (two) nos. switch platforms and 7 (seven) nos. Brick piller 32 level in between 01 and 02 Dip a
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
379 23-Mar-2017 Construction of side wall at 23 dip to 24 dip along 48L transfer point (Both side) for permanent support of bad roof junction along haulage roadway west section in Hijuly (R-V
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
380 23-Mar-2017 Construction of coal sampling and site office at Chinakuri Mine-3 Coal Depot under Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
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