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S. No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
101 30-Mar-2017 Non Destructive Testing of cage suspension gear , Head gear pulley shafts and winding drum shaft of winding engine at HLC -1 mine
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
102 30-Mar-2017 Repairing of Complete Gear Box for Vehicle No MH 34 A 2064 of HLSA
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
103 30-Mar-2017 Centralised cooling system -Hospital
201600810 /B6
Ordnance Factory Board,CHANDRAPUR
104 30-Mar-2017 X-ray cassette and screen KG-4 size 12 X 15 inch, item LF No. 2529146668
201600815 /B3
Ordnance Factory Board,CHANDRAPUR
105 30-Mar-2017 Repairing R T O Passing of the Vehicle MH 34 A 6347 Leyland Truck Attached to the Area workshop BA
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
106 30-Mar-2017 Repairing of Two sets Upper and Lower casing of the 6UPH4 Pump of Pouni OCM PSA Gouri Deep OCM
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
107 30-Mar-2017 Repairing of Air cooler installed at AGM Officer complex and service building, Wani Area
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
108 30-Mar-2017 06 Misc Civil works at Wani North Area
Western Coalfields Limited,Wani
109 30-Mar-2017 Repairing of Ball Trunion and Cap (Float) of D-155 Dozer of Kolarpimpri Project
Western Coalfields Limited,Wani
110 30-Mar-2017 Repairing/Replacement of different Guards, Covers and Cat Walk unites in our BE-1000 Hydraulic Excavator Sl.No. 10152 of Ukni Project.
Western Coalfields Limited,Wani
111 30-Mar-2017 Repairing of dump body of LHS and RHS Hoist Cylinder mounting bracket and supporting plate welding of CAT- 60 Dumper Ukni Project
Western Coalfields Limited,Wani
112 30-Mar-2017 Arrangment of Desert Air coolers by out sourcing for three months at HLOC Mine
ch3108 enm-0026-2016-17
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
113 30-Mar-2017 Repairing of 04 Nos Takeup Wheel of EKG Shovel Sl.No. 529 and 569 of Ukni Project.
Western Coalfields Limited,Wani
114 30-Mar-2017 Transportation of Pump , Motor , Pontoon , foot valve , sluice valve , Non return valve to sump its fitting and installation for Monsoon Preparation of HLOC
ch3108 enm-0024-2016-17
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
115 30-Mar-2017 Annual Maintanance of Air Conditioner at Area Hospital , HLOC Guest House and Sub Area office of HLSA.
ch3108 enm-0027-2016-17
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
116 30-Mar-2017 Work of Breaking/removal lumpy coal/stone.from crusher roll of chp at HLOC.
ch3108 enm-0025-2016-17
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
117 30-Mar-2017 Repairing of Hydraulic drill motor, Transwitch etc.
Western Coalfields Limited,Nagpur
118 30-Mar-2017 Hiring of One 10 KVA Diesel Generator Set to be charged at newly installed inmotion Railway weigh bridge nearby 33 KV MKD Power Sub Satation.
Western Coalfields Limited,Umrer
119 30-Mar-2017 Two nos. of civil work
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
120 30-Mar-2017 Repair 02 No. Output shaft assemblies of BH-50/60 Dumper Sl. No. 3688, 3223.
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
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