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S. No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
921 23-Jan-2017 Repairing of C Type Dispensary at Bankola Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
922 23-Jan-2017 One time establishment of track line for L.H.D section in R-VII seam at Shyamsundarpur Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
923 23-Jan-2017 Preparation of track line along 27L Haulage drift and along-1R from 30L to 50L for transporting the C.I. Pipe and M.S. Pipe at Bankola Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
924 23-Jan-2017 Transportation of coal from Amritnagar Colliery stock yard to Belbaid Railway siding.
ECL/GM/KNT/Dis Bid/Coal/16-17/246
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
925 23-Jan-2017 Strengthening of main road at Lohandia Rehab site from panpiya towards over head tank. L- 325 m.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
926 23-Jan-2017 Earth cutting and transporting to Bara simra Rehabilitation site for 12 nos. Plot. Plot no 16 17 18 25 26 27 34 35 36 43 44 and 45.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
927 23-Jan-2017 Engagement of tractor for transportation of household material from abhi tola, bathan tola and dahar tola to Bara simra rehab site Ph II.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
928 23-Jan-2017 Construction of boundary wall around the kabristan for PAP of bhado tola at Lalmatia colony rehab site.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
929 23-Jan-2017 Drilling and commissioning one deep tube well size 300-150 mm deep 250 m including pump sets pipes panel etc. at OB dump rehab site under Rajmahal Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
930 23-Jan-2017 Engagement of tractor for transportation of household material from abhi tola- bathan tola and dahar tola to Lohandia rehab site.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
931 23-Jan-2017 Construction of WBM road south east side of crusher Pit at RCHP.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
932 23-Jan-2017 Construction of Cat I drain for branch road at Lohandia Basti site.Plot no 326 to 382 and 327 to Community hall. Length-292 m.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
933 23-Jan-2017 Construction of drain along the main approach road to pond at Lalmatia hatia site.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
934 23-Jan-2017 SITC of Computers and Peripherals at RB Airport Bhopal
Airports Authority of India,Delhi
935 23-Jan-2017 ARC for Line Management with suppy of materials
Airports Authority of India,Delhi
936 23-Jan-2017 SITC of NAVIGATIONAL STATUS DISPLAY SYSTEM for ATC Automation Syatem at Agartala Airport
Corrigendum available
Airports Authority of India,Delhi
937 23-Jan-2017 SITC of Surge Protection System for Essential Panel in Power House DVOR Equipment Room at Jabalpur Airport Bid No 1000020253
Airports Authority of India,Delhi
938 23-Jan-2017 SITC of Surge Protection System for Essential Panel in Power House DVOR Equipment Room at Jabalpur AirportE-Bid No-1000020253
Airports Authority of India,Delhi
939 23-Jan-2017 Rate Contract for Miscellaneous Minor Capital WorksCivil works at Chandigarh International Airport Mohali side for Year 2016-17 Phase -II
Airports Authority of India,Delhi
940 23-Jan-2017 Levelling and grading of basic strip in operational area at Dimapur Airport
Airports Authority of India,Delhi
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