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Product/Service : Railways
S.No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
181 16-Dec-2015 Gorakhpur - Gonda (BG) Section 1. Renewal of wornout -damaged PSC Sleepers at different stretches from Kms 557-0 - 644-0 - 10120 Nos. in jurisdiction of ADEN-BG-Gonda. 2.
North Eastern Railway,Lucknow
182 16-Dec-2015 Gorakhpur - Gonda BG Section Replacement of Curved Switches and CMS Crossings : 50 sets of 1 : 12 and 5 sets 1:8.5 55 Sets. in the section of ADEN-East-Gonda.
North Eastern Railway,Lucknow
183 16-Dec-2015 Gorakhpur Gonda BG Section Replacement of Curved Switches and CMS Crossings 43 sets of 1-12 and 4 sets 1-8-5 Total 47 Sets in the section of ADEN-West-Gorakhpur
North Eastern Railway,Lucknow
184 16-Dec-2015 At Domingarh Provision of agumentation of Passenger amenities by providing station Building with parking 2 bay P.P. Shelter 10 Nos. low cost PP Shelter 20 No. SS Benches.
North Eastern Railway,Lucknow
185 16-Dec-2015 Provision of 30 Nos. Low cost P.P. Shelters RCC with 2 Nos. RCC Benches in each shed and additional 190 Nos. RCC Benches in open area in section of Sr. DEN-I-LJN.
North Eastern Railway,Lucknow
186 16-Dec-2015 At Gorakhpur Provision of Granite stone Flooring in covered area of P.F. No. 1. and Mosaic tile Flooring in covered area and V.C.D. Flooring in uncovered area at P.F. No. 3 an
North Eastern Railway,Lucknow
187 16-Dec-2015 At Gorakhpur Replacement of damaged C.C. Washable Apron on P.F. No. 06 at Station. and Provision of Coach Watering and cleaning facilities for trains returning without seconda
North Eastern Railway,Lucknow
188 16-Dec-2015 Gorakhpur - Gonda B.G.Section 1. TRR-S Running Loop MSW Line No. 1 and 4 LKNR Line No. 1 4 and 6 and KEA Line No. 3. Total - 6.50 km. 2. CTR-S of Line No. 1 in KEA Yard with 5
North Eastern Railway,Lucknow
189 17-Dec-2015 1 Repairs to Bridge No 355 2 and 285 2 by Jacketing of Arch Bridges 2 Repairs to Wing Wall Return Wall Face Wall Pointing CPG etc for Bridges Bridge No 276 1 277 2 27
Central Railway,Solapur
190 17-Dec-2015 1 Replacement of corroded channel sleepers for bridges on Daund Solapur section 400 nos 2 Replacement of corroded channel sleepers for bridges on Daund Solapur 250 no
Central Railway,Solapur
191 17-Dec-2015 Provision of Mobile charging points in 140 sleeper coaches of ECoR at Carriage Repair Workshop Mancheswar
DYCEE MCS Elect 2015 12 Date 03 11 2015
East Coast Railway,Bhubaneswar
192 17-Dec-2015 Dabra-Provision of sewerage system in Dabra Railway colony.
JHS-Engg- 2015-29/A
North Central Railway,Jhansi
193 17-Dec-2015 Transportation and stacking of released / new P.way material in Sr. DEN/Central Jhansi division.
JHS-Engg- 2015-29/B
North Central Railway,Jhansi
194 17-Dec-2015 A. Dabhaura-Provision of toilet / urinals on platform no. 2 and improvement / renovation of toilet / urinals on platform no. 1. B. Dabhaura-Provision of waiting room etc
JHS-Engg- 2015-29/C
North Central Railway,Jhansi
195 17-Dec-2015 A. Jhansi Division-Provision of short term facilities for handicapped persons at Mauranipur, Harpalpur, Belatal, Attara, Shankargarh, Dabhoura and Ragaul stations. etc
JHS-Engg- 2015-29/D
North Central Railway,Jhansi
196 17-Dec-2015 A. Manikpur-Naini TWR-30.05 km. B. TWR work from km 1264.400-1267.000 DN road, 1268.00-1268.80 DN road on Manikpur-Naini section.
JHS-Engg- 2015-29/E
North Central Railway,Jhansi
197 17-Dec-2015 Tender of existing Shed by 30m x 15m with 10 EOT
North Central Railway,Allahabad
198 17-Dec-2015 Repairing of Squeezing Cylinder and tool tilting cylinder
North Central Railway,Allahabad
199 17-Dec-2015 CPR - ARJ Section - Provision of Limited Height subway(LHSB) At L-xing No 31C ( Manned) at Km 79/9- 80/0 between Phephna -Chitbaragon , at L-xing No-2A (Manned) at Km
North Eastern Railway,Varanasi
200 17-Dec-2015 Cleaning and watering of coaches of turn round platform return and secondary maintenance trains along with emergency carriage watering at station in shifts at coaching depot A
AGC M 29 TRC AF- depot 15
North Central Railway,Agra
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