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Product/Service : Railways
S.No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
181 14-Nov-2014 No.C.740/Taxi/CarParkingStand/14
East Central Railway,Dhanbad
182 14-Nov-2014 Fabrication and supply of Bio tank bracket
CRWS/BPL/Bio bracket/2014/07 date 08.10.2014
West Central Railway,Bhopal
183 14-Nov-2014 Manufacture and Supply of Single Coil Spring Washer confirming to RDSO Drg. No. T-10773 with latest alteration.
CAO/CON/BBS/TP/2014-15/OT/08 Dated 16.09.2014
East Coast Railway,Bhubaneswar
184 14-Nov-2014 Construction of Major Bridge No 962 Composite Girder for the proposed phase III doubling between SILAKJHORI GIDAMin connection with KK Line Doubling of Jagdalpur Kirandul
CE/Con/I/BBS/T/70/2014(Item No-I)
Corrigendum available
East Coast Railway,Bhubaneswar
185 14-Nov-2014 Construction of Major Bridge No.1013 Composite Girder and No.1064 Composite Girder for the proposed phase III doubling between SILAKJHORI GIDAM in connection with K.K. Line
CE/Con/I/BBS/T/70/2014(Item No-II)
Corrigendum available
East Coast Railway,Bhubaneswar
186 14-Nov-2014 Comprehensive maintenance of PCs and its peripherals of DRM office complex Agra Cantt
AGRA/IT/AMC/2014 15
North Central Railway,Agra
187 14-Nov-2014 Preparation of meal in 02 kitchens only for running staff of combined Driver and Guard Running Room, Jhansi
North Central Railway,Jhansi
188 17-Nov-2014 Balance work : Augmentation of water supply arrangement for station carriage and washing by providing 2 nos. tube well and 1 no. overhead RCC tank at Gwalior.
JHS-Engg- 2014-25/A
Corrigendum available
North Central Railway,Jhansi
189 17-Nov-2014 Provision of limited height subway in lieu of level crossing no. 229 at km 1320/5-6 (between Paman-Bhimsen stations) in Jhansi-Kanpur section.
JHS-Engg- 2014-25/B
Corrigendum available
North Central Railway,Jhansi
190 17-Nov-2014 Dholpur-Cleaning of manhole and underground sewer line in station yard and railway colony under ADEN/Dholpur sub-division for 03 years.
JHS-Engg- 2014-25/C
Corrigendum available
North Central Railway,Jhansi
191 17-Nov-2014 Replacement of 6 units K type quarters with standard type-II quarters under ADEN/ Chitrakootdham Karwi.
JHS-Engg- 2014-25/D
Corrigendum available
North Central Railway,Jhansi
192 17-Nov-2014 Chitrakootdham Karwi-Improvement to drainage system near VIP siding at Chitrakootdham Karwi.
JHS-Engg- 2014-25/E
Corrigendum available
North Central Railway,Jhansi
193 17-Nov-2014 IRPMU/W/ALD/OT/2014/DFCC/02
North Central Railway,New Delhi
194 17-Nov-2014 Provision of LED based Glow Sign Board at Carriage Repair Workshop East Coast Railway Mancheswar in English Hindi Odiya
MCS/ELECT/W/LED Board /04, dt. 25.09.14
East Coast Railway,Bhubaneswar
195 17-Nov-2014 Outsourcing of Maintenance (Management) of Running Room /Mughalsarai for a period of three years.
TRS/ OPTG/ RR/MGS, MGS dt. 22.09.2014
East Central Railway,Chandauli
196 18-Nov-2014 E-83/14/1019 Paper photo copier A4 size 210 X 297 mm
South Western Railway,Hubli
197 18-Nov-2014 E-79/13/1042 Polyester staple fiber pillow 45x30x10 cms
South Western Railway,Hubli
198 18-Nov-2014 E-30/14/1612 Arrangement of UIC type rubber vestibule
South Western Railway,Hubli
199 18-Nov-2014 E-30/14/1442 Pin No 2 for bogie brake rigging
South Western Railway,Hubli
200 18-Nov-2014 E-30/14/5091 Body Pillar as per ICF Drg
South Western Railway,Hubli
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