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Product/Service : Railways
S.No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
181 22-Sep-2015 Provision of RDSO Approved height gauge at various location in PWI Barshi Town and Latur 17 Nos PID No 01 05 30 15 3 11 008
Central Railway,Solapur
182 22-Sep-2015 a Through Rail Renewal Primary 5 60 kms at Kms 296 2 301 8 between Bhigvan Jintiroad section under Assistant Divisional Engineer BG Kurduwadi Sub Division b Through R
Central Railway,Solapur
183 22-Sep-2015 Supply trenching and laying of 6 qaud cable along associated accessories jointing testing and commissioning of complete quad cable in NGP BD BPQ section
Central Railway,Nagpur
184 22-Sep-2015 Execution of P.way work of extension of loop line at Antri and Kotra stations of Jhansi Division.
CEN 01 GWL 0515 dated 11.08.2015
North Central Railway,Gwalior
185 22-Sep-2015 Jhansi-Electrical work for Rolling light and rolling huts.
North Central Railway,Jhansi
186 22-Sep-2015 Part-A- Mataundh-Electrical work for-Provision of Panel room. Part-B-KLAR-Electrical work for-Provision of COP and renovation of toilets.
North Central Railway,Jhansi
187 22-Sep-2015 Part-A-Herpalpur-Electrical work for-Extension of platform no-1 as high level and lowering of existing platform to suit the level for high level. etc
North Central Railway,Jhansi
188 22-Sep-2015 Part-A-Jhansi-Electrical work for-Provision of parapet wall and addition and alteration to provide two numbers temporary rooms on IInd floor of existing Driver Running room
North Central Railway,Jhansi
189 22-Sep-2015 Gwalior-Electrical work for (Power supply arrangements)-Setting up Mechanized laundry at Gwalior.
North Central Railway,Jhansi
190 22-Sep-2015 Energy audit of the station and station building Jhansi and GWL, DRM office building Jhansi and Railway hospital Jhansi along with detailed recommendations of energy etc
North Central Railway,Jhansi
191 22-Sep-2015 Bhimsen-Ingohta-Provision of limited height subway in lieu of level crossing with cover level crossing no. S-68A at km 1402/6-7 (between Ghatampur-Patara stations).
JHS-Engg- 2015-18/A
North Central Railway,Jhansi
192 22-Sep-2015 Bhimsen-Ingohta-Provision of limited height subway in lieu of level crossing with cover level crossing no. S-63 at km 1396/4-5 (between Ghatampur-Patara stations).
JHS-Engg- 2015-18/B
North Central Railway,Jhansi
193 22-Sep-2015 Bhimsen-Ingohta-Provision of limited height subway in lieu of level crossing with cover level crossing no. S-34 at km 1358/4-5 (between Bharwa sumerpur-Jamuna south bank stn
JHS-Engg- 2015-18/C
North Central Railway,Jhansi
194 22-Sep-2015 Welding of free joints and replacement of old SKV joints by mobile flash butt technology for conversion into LWR from km 1283.525 to km 1307.435 on Birlanagar-Bhind section
JHS-Engg- 2015-18/D
North Central Railway,Jhansi
195 22-Sep-2015 Jhansi-Supply of sodium hypochlorite at filter plant for two years.
JHS-Engg- 2015-18/E
North Central Railway,Jhansi
196 22-Sep-2015 Work of linen washing, cleaning and onboard distribution for train no.12547/48 (AF-ADI Express) for the period of two years.
AGC/M/164/Linen mgnt/AF/2015-16
North Central Railway,Agra
197 22-Sep-2015 Tender for resetting OHE mast
East Central Railway,Chandauli
198 22-Sep-2015 Tender for Resetting of mast
East Central Railway,Chandauli
199 22-Sep-2015 Tender for resetting of mast
East Central Railway,Chandauli
200 22-Sep-2015 Tender Notice No-09 dt 10/08/2015
North Eastern Railway,Gorakhpur
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