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Product/Service : Civil Works
S.No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
841 6-Mar-2017 Construction of WBM Road with cross drainage from village Nilgaon to village Dhapewada under Soaner Sub Area of Nagpur Area.
Western Coalfields Limited,Nagpur
842 6-Mar-2017 Misc. Civil works
wa4350-civ-e044 -2016-17
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
843 6-Mar-2017 No.JRD/C/Tender/2017/2496, dated 20.02.2017 Replacement of damaged sheet of Pump house and other misc. work near sump at Jhingurda Project.
Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL), Singrauli,Sidhi
844 6-Mar-2017 No.JRD/C/Tender/2017/2496, dated 20.02.2017 Renovation of view point at Jhingurda Project.    
845 6-Mar-2017 Supply of water to village Gurujang in Talcher sub-division for the year 2017 for Talcher area (Package - V) (120 Days).
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited,Sambalpur
846 6-Mar-2017 Supply of water to village Kandhal, Kandhal hadi sahi, Kalandi Prasad (New) and Anadipur in Talcher sub-division for the year 2017 for Talcher area (Package - I) (120 Days)
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited,Sambalpur
847 6-Mar-2017 Making and heightening of toe wall and laying of stone aggregate for Jarada and Telisingha substation at Kaniha OCP for Kaniha Area
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited,Sambalpur
848 6-Mar-2017 Renovation and attending all repair works of Type-VI-A quarters in VOC Port Trust
58 CE/Mtc-II2016-17/D.435
V O Chidambaranar Port Trust,Tuticorin
849 6-Mar-2017 Maintenance of road from DakshinBadharghatNabadiganta via Karaimura to KartikChaumuhani ward no. 47 / SH :Mettaling,Carpetting , Drain RCCwork etc.
Public Works Department (Roads and Buildings),Agartala
850 6-Mar-2017 Press Notice Inviting Tender
PNIQ 04 EE WRINV 2016-17 Dated, 15-02-2017
Corrigendum available
Public Works Department (Water Resource),Agartala
851 6-Mar-2017 Construction/installation of 10Te underground bunker in Sripur (R-VI) seam of Methani Colliery, Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
852 6-Mar-2017 Thorough Rep/Maint. of 4 nos. NHS Block at 2 no. centre of Bejdih Colliery under BMP Group (Block no. 03(157-166), 05(177-186), 06(187-192), Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
853 6-Mar-2017 Rep. and maintenance of a NHS (S/S) A.C. Sheet block vide no. SDPA/PARB/NHS/41-48, inside 7 units and outside 8 units at Amdanga Colony Parbelia Colliery under Parbelia Group
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
854 6-Mar-2017 Repair Maint. Work of NHS Block No.04 8 units (27 to 34) at Subhas Colony under NSP Colliery under Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
855 6-Mar-2017 Repairing and Maintenance work of NHS Block No. 05/35 to 42 (8 unit) Qrtr. At Subhas Colony under Narsamunda Colliery of Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
856 6-Mar-2017 Thorough repair/maint. of 02 (Two) nos. C type Block, (C/02 and C/03) Total 08(Eight) units quarter at Dhemomain Colliery, under Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
857 6-Mar-2017 Thorough Rep/Maint. of 5 nos. NHS Block (33 units inside) at Bomdhowrah of Ranisayer Colony under BMP Gr. Block Np. 45, 46, 47, 48 and 51, Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
858 6-Mar-2017 Thorough Rep/Maint. of 08 Nos. NHS Block at Barachak house colony complex 26 units inside and 32 units outside, Block No.03(019-10), 04(12-15), 05(17-22), 08(38-41), 09(42-44)
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
859 6-Mar-2017 Thorough Rep. and Maintenance of NHS Block No.05 (8 units), 20(16 units) and 26 (16 units) at Ranisayer Colony under BMP Gr., Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
860 6-Mar-2017 Thorough Repair /Maint of 3 nos Blocks, 9 units C type quarter (C-04/009-12, 03/005-008 and 01/002) at Barachak House Colony, Sodepur Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
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