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Tenders of : East Central Railway
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
1 31-Jul-2013 Hiring of three number vehicles
Corrigendum available
01 of 2013-14(Open)
2 31-Jul-2013 Hiring of three number vehicles  
3 5-Feb-2014 99 of 13-14(open) South in two packet system Constt of 7 nos major bridges
Corrigendum available
TN 32of 13-14(open) south
4 5-Feb-2014 99 of13-14(open)south in two pocket system constt of 7 nos major bridges  
5 26-May-2016 No. H/San/Stn.Contract/DHN No. H/San/Stn.Contract/DHN
6 27-May-2016 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/31/2016-17 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/31/2016-17
7 27-May-2016 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/32/2016-17 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/32/2016-17
8 31-May-2016 At HJP Elect Work in connection with construction of third andfourth floor for GM Law CCM Claim Statical Deptt CAO GELF etc in the campus of ECR HQ office L/2015-16/23 dated 29.03.2016
9 2-Jun-2016 Elect work in connection with provision of foot over bridge at DSS from PF No one to PF No two three at THB Elect work in connection with extension of existing .............. L/2015-16/24 dated 30.03.2016
10 2-Jun-2016 At MFP Elect work in connection with prov of booking office with six window in second entry Elect work in connection with improvement of PF surface .......................... L/2015-16/26 dated 30.03.2016
11 2-Jun-2016 Elect Work in connection with prov of one small tube well with one HP pump with pipe line and stroge tank at SMO CRR KUE NNR MSK SKJ LKN and LKO and Prov or water booths .... L/2015-16/27 dated 30.03.2016
12 2-Jun-2016 Elect workin connection with BJU ex KIR ex At Adarsh stations Landscaping VIP parking with provision of ramp and parking of physically challenge Elect Work ................... L/2015-16/25 dated 30.03.2016
13 2-Jun-2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04 dt. 18.04.2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04-01
14 2-Jun-2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04 dt. 18.04.2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04-02
15 2-Jun-2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04 dt. 18.04.2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04-03
16 2-Jun-2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04 dt. 18.04.2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04-04
17 2-Jun-2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04 dt. 18.04.2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04-05
18 2-Jun-2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04 dt. 18.04.2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04-06
19 2-Jun-2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04 dt. 18.04.2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04-07
20 2-Jun-2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04 dt. 18.04.2016 W.584/DHN/2016-17/Open/04-08

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