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Tenders of : East Central Railway
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
1 31-Jul-2013 Hiring of three number vehicles
Corrigendum available
01 of 2013-14(Open)
2 31-Jul-2013 Hiring of three number vehicles  
3 5-Feb-2014 99 of 13-14(open) South in two packet system Constt of 7 nos major bridges
Corrigendum available
TN 32of 13-14(open) south
4 5-Feb-2014 99 of13-14(open)south in two pocket system constt of 7 nos major bridges  
5 13-Jul-2016 09 of 2016-17 (Open) of Dy. CE/Con/ Danapur, Supplying, fixing and fitting of Steel Channel Sleeper with Track Linking and fixing of guard rail on Bridge No-136 on River Kiul.
Corrigendum available
14 of 2016-17 (Open) of Dy. CE/Con/ Danapur
6 20-Jul-2016 08 of 2016-17 (Open)/South in (Two Packet System), Construction of Subway in lieu of LC no 35/C, 37/C, 65/C, 66/C, 67/C, 69/C, 73/C, 77/C, 79/C and 80/C between Dehri-On-Sone
Corrigendum available
17 of 2016-17 (Open)/South in (Two Packet System)
7 5-Jul-2016 Provision of double pole Isolator in SP and SSP in section MGS -JAJ over Danapur division. TRD/DNR/OT/01/16-17
8 5-Jul-2016 Provision of FOB in place of LC gate-45 at Bihta in DLI end. TRD/DNR/OT/02/16-17
9 5-Jul-2016 (i) Provision of replacement of 6 feet FOB by 12 feet FOB at DNR station (ii) Provision of bonds for track renewal works (CTR/P- 6.4Km, TSR/P-1.0Km, CTR/S -2.8Km) in Jhajha - TRD/DNR/OT/03/16-17
10 5-Jul-2016 Cleaning, Hospitality and cooking services at Officers Rest House COFMOW Compound Tilak Bridge New Delhi 01 of 2016-17 (Open)
11 7-Jul-2016 1 of 2016-17(Open)/ of DCE/C/MGS, Geotechnical Investigation, Preparation of General Arrangement Drawing, showing approaches, proper alignment, slip road, infringement to be 1 of 2016-17(Open)/ of DCE/C/MGS
12 7-Jul-2016 tender 1 of 16 17 open of DCE C MGS TENDER 1 OF 16 17 OPEN OF DEC C MGS
13 8-Jul-2016 Linking BG track including dismantling MG track Tender Notice No 10 of 2016-17(Open)North
Corrigendum available
Tender No 10 of 2016-17(Open) North
14 8-Jul-2016 Outsourcing the activity of cleaning of coaches before and after POH at Carriage Repair Workshop Harnaut CRW/HRT/Mech/Cleaning of coach/2015-16 dt 24.05.16
15 11-Jul-2016 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/37/2016-17 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/37/2016-17
16 11-Jul-2016 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/38/2016-17 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/38/2016-17
17 11-Jul-2016 EL/50/DNR/Open/36 /2016-17 EL/50/DNR/Open/36 /2016-17
18 11-Jul-2016 E-Tender Notice for supply of materials (Supply and Installation of 19 inch rack mountable device) Participation in tender through web portal of IREPS-www.ireps.gov.in. 3006166024
19 11-Jul-2016 E-Tender Notice for supply of materials (Supporting device for CBC) Participation in tender through web portal of IREPS-www.ireps.gov.in 3004142511
20 11-Jul-2016 E-Tender Notice for supply of materials (Relay AC Immune, Style QTA-2 DC Neutral Track 09 ohm, 4F/2B) Participation in tender through web portal of IREPS-www.ireps.gov.in 3006166011

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