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Tenders of : East Central Railway
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
181 22-Aug-2014 EL/50/DNR/Open/14/14-15 EL/50/DNR/Open/14/14-15
182 25-Aug-2014 Pradhan Khunta Manpur Section i TBR on DN line and UP line TBR 52.94 km ii TFR on up line and DN line TFR12.00 km. iii TWR on up line and DN line TWR 10.50 km. iv TTR SG.664 08 Tender Sig. DHN 2014-15
183 25-Aug-2014 PKA MPO section 1 TBR on UP line from Km.402.8 404.10 458.02462.71 and on yard line at HZD UP Loop No.1 and HZD DN Loop No.1 and 2 SMND UP and DN Loop HRE UP DN Loop 58 SG.664 09 Tender Sig. DHN 2014 15
184 25-Aug-2014 Pradhankhunta - Manpur - i TRR(P) 43.09 Km, ii CTR(S) 7.25 Km. TENDER No.SG.664 10 Tender Sig. DHN 2014 15
185 25-Aug-2014 Obra Mahadia Sec Through ballast renewal in SL SG 664 11 Tender Sig. DHN 2014 15
186 25-Aug-2014 Electrical works in connection with Construction of 7- units Type -II Quarters at Dudhinagar 04 Nos and at Nagaruntari 03 Nos EL-21-OPEN-2014-15
187 25-Aug-2014 Electrification of manned level crossing of engineering gate Total 16nos EL-22-OPEN-2014-15
188 25-Aug-2014 Electrical works in connection with A Provision of new Pressure Filter of 15000 GPH capacity at Chopan EL-23-OPEN-2014-15
189 25-Aug-2014 Electrical works in connection with A Provision of huts and lights for rolling in examination at Gomoh UP and Down yard at Gomoh B PTRU Two Air brake Valve Testing room at Die EL-24-OPEN-2014-15
190 25-Aug-2014 MGS/EL/G/WC/P/OPEN/14-15/09 Dated: .11.07.14 tnno 09 of 01
191 25-Aug-2014 MGS/EL/G/WC/P/OPEN/14-15/07 Dated: .11.07.14 tnno 09 of 02
192 26-Aug-2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/open/19 dt 10.07.2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/open/19-01
193 26-Aug-2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/open/19 dt 10.07.2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/open/19-03
194 26-Aug-2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/19 dt 10.07.2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/19-04
195 26-Aug-2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/20 dt 10.07.2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/20-01
196 26-Aug-2014 W.584/DHn/2014-15/Open/20 dt 10.07.2014 W.584/DHn/2014-15/Open/20-02
197 26-Aug-2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/21 dt 10.07.2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/21-01
198 26-Aug-2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/21 dt. 10.07.2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/21-02
199 26-Aug-2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/21 dt. 10.07.2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/21-03
200 26-Aug-2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/21 dt. 10.07.2014 W.584/DHN/2014-15/Open/21-04

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