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Tenders of : East Central Railway
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
181 5-Jun-2015 Extension of passenger platform P way linking work and other allied Tender Notice No. 05 of 2015-16(Open) North Tender No 06 of 2015 16 (Open) North
182 5-Jun-2015 Construction of ROB Tender Notice No 04 of 2015-16(Open) North Tender No 04.of 2015 16 Open North
183 8-Jun-2015 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/8/2015-16 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/8/2015-16
184 8-Jun-2015 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/9/2015-16 EL/50/DNR/OPEN/9/2015-16
185 8-Jun-2015 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract in Chopan area for 10/7.5 KVA Kirloskar Make DG Set- 18 Nos., for One years installed at Panel Interlocked Stations at BXLL, SLBN SG.664/01/Tender/Sig./DHN/2015-16
186 9-Jun-2015 W.584/DHN/2015-16/Open/03 dt. 13.04.2015 W.584/DHN/2015-16/Open/03-01
187 9-Jun-2015 W.584/DHN/2015-16/Open/03 dt. 13.04.2015 W.584/DHN/2015-16/Open/03-02
188 9-Jun-2015 W.584/DHN/2015-16/ Open/ 04-01 dt.20.04.2015 W.584/DHN/2015-16/ Open/ 04-01
189 9-Jun-2015 Design drawing modi erection testing and commissioning of 25KV OHE at new Kiul bridge no. 136 and kiul and Luckeesarai yard in connection with connectivity of track ELS CON S MHX KIUL-LKR-TRD-252-15-16
190 10-Jun-2015 At Sonpur Divn. : Escorting of AC coaches to perform ACCA duty in train for two years. L/Open/2015-16/01 dt.22.04.15
191 10-Jun-2015 Earth work in filling from km 15 000 to 17 900 Balance earth work at scattered locations from Ghoswar to Vaishal TENDER NOTICE NO. - 06 of 2015-16 (Open)/North (TWO PACKET Tender No 07 of 2015 16 Open North Two Packet Syst
192 10-Jun-2015 2 of 2015-16 (Open )South in two packet system 2 of 2015-16 (Open )South in two packet system
193 10-Jun-2015 MGS/EL/G/WC/E/Open/14-15/05 Dated:20.10.2014 tnno 01 of 01
194 15-Jun-2015 MGS/EL/G/WC/Open/15-16/02 case no. 01 of notice no. 02
195 16-Jun-2015 W.468/Kusunda Pond/DHN dt.24.04.2015 W.468/Kusunda Pond/DHN
196 17-Jun-2015 MGS/EL/G/WC/P/Open/15-16/02 Dated 20.04.2015 tno 03 of 01
197 18-Jun-2015 No.C.717/O/Halt/15 dt.28.04.15 No.C.717/O/Halt/15 dt.28.04.15
198 19-Jun-2015 Supplying and spreading of blanketing material conforming to RDSOs specification Tender Notice No 07 of 2015-16(Open) North Tender No 08 of 2016 16 Open North
199 22-Jun-2015 MGS/EL/G/WC/Open/15-16/04 tnno 4 of 1
200 29-Jun-2015 Repair / Overhauling of E-70 Brake Panel of three phase locomotive. ELS/401/Panel/12-13/23 (OPEN)

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