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Tenders of : Tripura State
Expiry Date
Title and Ref. No.
Name of Dept./Orgn.
21 8-Sep-2015 Repairing or renovation of the existing barrack.
Tripura Police,Agartala
22 15-Sep-2015 Various water supply and sanitation items, For any worksite under RD Satchand Division.
DT-WS - S/EE/RD/2015-16 DT- 24.08.2015
Corrigendum available
Department of Rural Development Tripura,Agartala
23 15-Sep-2015 Supply of Internal Electrical goods/works in any worksite under jurisdiction of RD Satchand Division ForNP - Block area.
DT-ELECT/EE/RD/STC /15-16 DT- 24.08.2015
Corrigendum available
Department of Rural Development Tripura,Agartala
24 15-Sep-2015 Procurement of Ceramic / vitrified Tiles, marbles, adhesive etc. , For any worksite of NP - all Block area under RD Satchand Division.
DT-T-M/EE/RD/STC/2015-16 DT- 24.08.2015
Corrigendum available
Department of Rural Development Tripura,Agartala
25 15-Sep-2015 Procurement of various hardware items / petty materials/ Aluminium/ ply wood/ Hard board/PVC Door/plastic chair (VIP) etc hardware items petty materials /glass/Alluminium ,
DT-HARDWARE/EE/RD/STC /15-16 DT-24.08.2015
Corrigendum available
Department of Rural Development Tripura,Agartala
26 15-Sep-2015 Procurement of steel items/Manufacturing and Supplying of different categories steel items (grill, rolling shutter etc and fabrication of steel work)
DT-STEEL/EE/RD/STC /15-16 DT-24.08.2015
Corrigendum available
Department of Rural Development Tripura,Agartala
27 15-Sep-2015 Procurement of all sort of Paints. For any worksite under NP - all Block under RD Satchand Division.
DT/PAINT/EE/RD/STC /2015-16 DT- 24.08.2015
Corrigendum available
Department of Rural Development Tripura,Agartala
28 8-Sep-2015 Mtc. of road under the jurisdiction of Santirbazar Nagar Panchayet area in Ward No.7 Ward No.8/SH: Soling, Metalling, Carpeting, Road side Pucca drain etc. construction of 1
7/EE/STB/2015-16/1 of 5
Public Works Department (Roads and Buildings),Agartala
29 9-Sep-2015 For Digital Conference PA system.
9773/F.14/COMN/DPAS/ 2015-16
Tripura Police,Agartala
30 9-Sep-2015 Internal electrification, wood, aluminium section, fabrication of steel items, piling work, sand etc under RD Kanchanpur division
PT-02/EE/RD/KCP/DIV/2015-16 dt-14/08/15
Department of Rural Development Tripura,Agartala
31 9-Sep-2015 Providing and Fitting-Fixing of new False ceiling with Armstrong Lay in (Hot dipped galvanized steel) metal ceiling system with new illumination in SLDC control Room and Serve
Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd,Agartala
32 9-Sep-2015 Replacement of existing bailey Bridge by RCC Bridge (Length 15.00 m)over local cherra near Tahasil office on the road Jampuijala to Bishramganj via Takarjala ,Amarendranagar
Public Works Department (Roads and Buildings),Agartala
33 9-Sep-2015 procurement of UPS Battrey
NO.9871/F.3(421)-DSLR/NEZ/93/P-IV DT.28.08.2015
Revenue Departmant Tripura,Agartala
34 9-Sep-2015 Purchase of UPS Battery
NO.9871/F3(421)-DSLR/NEZ/93/P-IV DT.28.08.2015
Revenue Departmant Tripura,Agartala
35 10-Sep-2015 Colour painting of existing fencing around tank No.1 and 2 of Dharmanagar FSC North Tripura, Dharmanagar.
DNIT No.EE(FY)/2015-16/08
Department of Fisheries Tripura,Agartala
36 10-Sep-2015 Maintenance of F.A Circle Office at Jamjuri, Kakraban under Udaipur Sub-Division.
DNIT No.EE(FY)/2015-16/09
Department of Fisheries Tripura,Agartala
37 10-Sep-2015 Renovation of Garage in the office complex of the SF, Udaipur.
DNIT No.EE(FY)/2015-16/10
Department of Fisheries Tripura,Agartala
38 10-Sep-2015 Maintenance of Toilets etc. of Directorate of Fisheries, Agartala
DNIT No.EE(FY)/2015-16/11
Department of Fisheries Tripura,Agartala
39 10-Sep-2015 Maintenance of roof portion of S. F. Office Udaipur including latrine and urinal point.
DNIT No.EE(FY)/2015-16/12
Department of Fisheries Tripura,Agartala
40 10-Sep-2015 Construction of boundary wall SH: approach road development at Dhanisagar FSC Udaipur.
DNIT No.EE(FY)/2015-16/13
Department of Fisheries Tripura,Agartala
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