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Tenders of : Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
1 25-May-2014 Procurement of Swing Motor Assembly and C.P. Generator Armature for PnH 1900AL Excavators for Hingula Area
Corrigendum available
2 28-Apr-2014 Supplying of water in coal stock and water supply to wet drilling machine and magazine complex at Basundhara (W) OCP.
Corrigendum available
3 21-Apr-2014 Development work in front of proposed gate and balance work of mix seal surfacing of internal roads of Jagruti Vihar, MCL ,HQ. MCL/Samb/Civil/e-Tender/13-14/2214,Date-24.03.2014
4 21-Apr-2014 Drilling of 03 nos. of boreholes of 16 inch diameter and 27m length each belowground from seam-IV to seam-I for dewatering of seam-I at Orient Colliery 1and 2. MCL/GM/OA/SUR/14/e-T/NIT-103/220,Dt-07.04.2014
5 21-Apr-2014 Covering of ducts and miscellaneous works related to central AC installation at Triveni at BIT of Lakhanpur Area.(2nd re tender) MCL/CGM/LKPA/SOC/e-tender/14-15/383/450,Dt.07.04.
6 21-Apr-2014 Supply of drinking water to villages (1) Bejibandh, Piplikani, Satlang, Batlang, Vejikudh, Padapali and Old Vejikudh (2) Phata (3) Karpabahal, Dhubentipi and Baragada (4)Khaps MCL/CGM/LKPA/SOC/e-tender/14-15/384/452,dtd.07.04
7 21-Apr-2014 Construction of temporary coal transportation road at quarry no.01 marked as (B-B) at Lakhanpur OCP under LKP Area.(1st re tender). MCL/CGM/LKPA/SOC/e-tender/14-15/385/454,Dt.07.04.2
8 21-Apr-2014 Regular brooming of road and side drain cleaning, kutcha drain cleaning from Biswal Chhak to Shiva Mandir of village road at Ananta OC Project. MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2014-15/4,dt.07-04-2014
9 21-Apr-2014 Providing temporary road with culvert (Hume Pipe) from Challan Point to Conventional Coal Stock at Ananta OC Project, Jagannath Area (Road ID No. AOCP-RD-42). MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-T/2014-15/5,dt-08-04-2014
10 21-Apr-2014 Annual upkeeping of CGM-s Office, Jagannath Area for a period of 01 (one) year (Re-Tender). MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2014-15/6, dt.08-04-201
11 21-Apr-2014 Supply, Installation and commissioning of 1.5 Ton Air conditioners with stabilizer. SO(MM)/HA/E-TEN/WinSplitAC/R-02/14-15/02,Dtd.09/4/
12 21-Apr-2014 Procurement of PVC Membrane and Calibration Systems. MCL/GM(JA)/APC/Safety/ANT/E-T/PVC/13/181/04,Dt-09.
13 21-Apr-2014 Procurement of Portable Cabin. MCL/GM(JA)/APC/ENM/E-Tend/Cabin/13/149/05,Dt.09.04
14 28-Apr-2014 Diversion of temporary village road from Balinga village upto culvert at KOCP of BG Area
Corrigendum available
15 21-Apr-2014 Deployment of hydraulic excavator (3D) JCB or equivalent machine for miscellaneous earth work in different places of mine premises including CT road during monsoon at Kaniha O MCL/GM(KA)/SO(C)/e-T/2014-15/241,Dt-10.04.2014
16 22-Apr-2014 Procurement of 2 Nos Front End Wheel Loader of bucket capacity not less than 5 Cum. MCL/SBP/SEC-11/R-070/13-14/5-6CUMFEL/GLOBAL/138,Dt
17 22-Apr-2014 Hiring of one Diesel Car (Indigo or equivalent) for 2 Year (682 Days), 12 Hours per day, 3000 KM per Month for CMS I/C of CH Area, Talcher. CMS/NSCH/TAL/EnM/e-Tender/2014/7,Dtd.2/4/2014
18 22-Apr-2014 Maintenance of pipe line and sanitary system at NSCH Colony, CH Area (For one year) CMS/NSCH/CHA/SOC/e-Tender/14-15/01,dtd.07.04.2014
19 22-Apr-2014 Supply of Office Stationary. MCL/GM/IBV/PUR/ET/2014-15/01,Dt-10.04.2014.
20 22-Apr-2014 Supply and installation of automatic single point lubrication system (03) three nos CHPs No 3, 4 and 6 and Motor / pump 07 (seven) nos of pump section at LOCP , Lingaraj Area MCL/GM/LA/SO/EnM/e-Tender/14-15/01,Dtd-12.04.2014

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