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Tenders of : Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
1 30-Jul-2014 Supply of Computer Papers. MCL/GM/IBV/PUR/ET/2014-15/15,Dtd-16.07.2014
2 30-Jul-2014 Support of recovered galleries from waterlogged area of mail dip seam-I at Mine-3, Orient Area. MCL/GM/OA/SUR/14/e-TENDER/NIT-117/586,Dtd-17.07.14
3 30-Jul-2014 Construction of compound wall with other development works of Junior DAV Public School (English Medium) of Jagannath Area. MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2014-15/62,Dt.16-07-14
4 30-Jul-2014 Spraying of water by mobile tanker on coal transportation road from Quarry no.04 to Punjipathar Jn. at LKP OCP under LKP Area. (1st re tender) MCL/CGM/LKPA/SOC/e-tender/14-15/439/981,Dt-17.07.2
5 30-Jul-2014 Replacement of sluice valves of colony water supply arrangement at BIT of Lakhanpur Area.(2nd re tender) MCL/CGM/LKPA/SOC/e-tender/14-15/440/983,Dt-17.07.2
6 30-Jul-2014 Providing cattle catcher on both side of level crossing at Y curve siding of LKP OCP under LKPA.(1st re tender) MCL/CGM/LKPA/SOC/e-tender/14-15/441/985,Dt-17.07.2
7 30-Jul-2014 Supply of water to surface miner for 03 shifts at Lakhanpur OCP under LKPA.(2nd re tender) MCL/CGM/LKPA/SOC/e-tender/14-15/442/987,Dt-17.07.2
8 30-Jul-2014 Supply of Bearing. MCL/BPR/MMD/EM-10/14-15/Bearing/12,Dt-03/07/2014
9 30-Jul-2014 Cleaning of spillage coal, coal dust, musk, debris etc from walkway (both side),Deck Plate transfer point, Bunker Discharge Platform, Chute opening Platform, tail Drums, Feede MCL/GM/IBV/ENM,etender/111490,dt-18.07.2014
10 31-Jul-2014 Procurement of 05(Five) Nos Front End Wheel Loader of Bucket capacity not less than 6 CuM MCL/SBP/MMD/SEC-II/R-19/14-15/6CUMFEL/GLOBAL/31,Dt
11 31-Jul-2014 Supply of HPSV HID light fitting complete. MCL/GM/IBV/PUR/ET/2014-15/14,Dtd-15.07.2014.
12 31-Jul-2014 Supply of Hydraulic Hose Assly of different sizes (DGMS Approved) MCL/GM/OA/PUR/E-Ten/HydraulicHose/14-15/17,Dt-15/0
13 31-Jul-2014 Procurement of Portable Cabin. MCL/GM(JA)/APC/ENM/E-Tend/Cabin/13/149/69,Dt-18.07
14 31-Jul-2014 Purchase of Materials for maintenance of Integrated Communication Network MCL/GM(JA)/APC/E-T/E-Tend/CoalNet/2012/137/70,Dt-1
15 31-Jul-2014 Repair / Renovation of power supply arrangement to 32 Block of IBA quarters of Lakhanpur Area. MCL/LKPA/CGM/SO(EnM)/eNIT/14-15/80,Dt-15.07.2014
16 31-Jul-2014 Day to day cleaning of Project Office and workshop Complex at LOCP of Ib Valley Area (Retender). MCL/GM/IBV/SOC/2014-15/190,Dtd-17.07.2014
17 31-Jul-2014 Erection of HT O/H line to Hospital and newly constructed C-type and Dtype Colony at Basundhara (W)OCP, BG Area. MCL/GM/BGA/E-M/e-Procurement/2014-15/27
18 31-Jul-2014 Providing of parapet/retaining wall on both side of haul road near main culvert at BOCM/LKPA MCL/LKPA/BOCM/CVL/TN/14-15/295_1,Dtd-23.7.2014
19 31-Jul-2014 Repairing of broken boundary wall at Magazine, BOCM/LKPA. MCL/LKPA/BOCM/CVL/TN/14-15/295_2,Dtd-23.7.2014

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