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Tenders of : Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
1 1-Jul-2016 Power Supply to DAV School at Basundhara Area MCL/GM/BA/EM/e-Proc/2016-17/24,Dtd.20/06/2016
2 1-Jul-2016 filtration of EHV Grade Transformer oil for 20MVA, 220/33KV, no 2 Transformer at 220 KV sub-station of Basundhara Area. MCL/GM/BA/EM/e-Proc/2016-17/25 Dtd.20/06/2016
3 1-Jul-2016 Hiring of One (1) Cars (Indigo or its equivalent) for 12 hrs per day duty at Basundhara Area for two years (682 days) MCL/GM/BA/EM/e-Proc/2016-17/26,Dtd.20/06/2016
4 1-Jul-2016 Hiring of ONE (1) Camper Van (1 plus 4 seater) for 12 hrs per day duty at B(W)OCP at Basundhara Area for two years (682 days). MCL/GM/BA/EM/e-Proc/2016-17/27,Dtd.20/06/2016
5 4-Jul-2016 Procurement of Coal Drill Rod. MCL/GM/OA/PUR/E-Ten/DrillBit/16-17/16,Dt-10/06/16
6 4-Jul-2016 Procurement of different sizes of M.S Nuts and Bolts. MCL/GM/OA/PUR/MSE/E-Ten/MSNutandBolt/16-17/17,Dt-1
7 4-Jul-2016 Hiring of HEMM (Shovel, Drill, Dozer etc.) for transfer and transportation of materials in various strata for exposing various coal seams from surface, down to IB seam includi MCL/SBP/GMCMC/NIT-110/2016/267,Dtd-11.06.2016
8 4-Jul-2016 Supply of Light Fittings and spares . MCL/GM/LA/MMD/54/E-Tend/LightFitting/16-17/33,Dtd-
9 4-Jul-2016 Supply of Hand Grease Gun and Machine clipped sling wire rope for CHP substation and pump section work. MCL/GM/LA/MMD/65/E-Tend/HandGreaseGun/16-17/36,Dtd
10 4-Jul-2016 Supply of Batteries for 1 KVA UPS and for towers. MCL/GM/LA/MMD/48/E-Tend/Batteries/16-17/37,Dtd-11.
12 4-Jul-2016 Procurement of Portable Storage Explosive Magazine. (As per Drawing enclosed as Annexure-1) MCL/GM/OA/PUR/E-Ten/Magazine/16-17/18,Dt-13/06/16
13 4-Jul-2016 Supply Medicines for NSCH, Talcher CHA/NSCH/TAL/15/37/ETE/MEDICINES/19,Dtd-10.06.2016
14 4-Jul-2016 Construction of 14 nos. of Ventilation Stoppings by Brick work at 3RN to 15RN in between 129L to 130L and 127L in between 2DN to 3DN for 132NL(New) Dist of 10th Incline in HR MCL/GM/OA/SO(M)/2016/NIT-018RT2/291,Dt-17.06.2016
15 4-Jul-2016 Annual Electrical Maintenance Contracts for internal electrical installations of NSCH building of Central Hospital Area, Talcher. CMS/NSCH/TAL/EnM/e-Tender/2016/04,Dtd-16/06/2016
16 4-Jul-2016 Regular Colony Electrical Maintenance and repair of Electrical Installation of vss nagar colony, Raja Mohan colony, Rampur colony, Hospital, Dy.CME/SAM Office, RSA, Filter Pla MCL/GM/OA/EnM/e-Ten/16-17/09,Dtd-20/06/2016
17 4-Jul-2016 Construction of Bricks side walls along Manriding gallery from 0L/2DN to 2L/2DN as permanent support on Manriding roadways of in H.R. Seam-IV of OC-1 and 2, OSA, Orient Area. MCL/GM/OA/SO(M)/2016/NIT-020RT/293,Dt-17.06.2016
18 4-Jul-2016 Procurement of 05 Nos of Diesel powered, self-propelled, crawler mounted dozercapacity not less than 410 HP including erection,commissioning and performance testing. MCL/SBP/MMD/SEC-II/R-16/15-16/GTE/410HPDOZER/28,Dt
19 4-Jul-2016 Annual repair and Maintenance of B and C type quarters including change of occupancy at CWS Colony,CWS IBV. MCL/GM/CWS/IBV/CVL/e-Tnd/16-17/32/78,Dt-20/06/2016
20 4-Jul-2016 Hiring of One No. Diesel covered Jeep, Bolero / Scorpio / Marshal or equivalent seating capacity of 6 plus 1 or above, for 12 hrs operation and with an average running of 1 MCL/GM/LA/SO/EnM/e-Tender/Veh/16-17/19,Dt.23.06.20

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