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Tenders of : Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
1 16-Oct-2014 Procurement of Undercarriage spares for PnH Shovel Hingula Area MCL/SBP/MMD/SEC-III/R-039/14-15/UC/P/H _Shovel/60,
2 16-Oct-2014 Procurement of Auxiliary Tyres for different Areas of MCL for the year 2014-2015 MCL/SBP/MMD/SEC-II/R-003/14-15/GTE/AUXTYRES/69,Dtd
4 16-Oct-2014 Supply of Wheel and Axle for Low Height Coal Tub (As per drawing) MCL/GM/OA/PUR/E-Ten/Wheel-Axle/14-15/30,Dt.01/10/2
5 16-Oct-2014 Procurement of Spindles for Top and Bottom Rollers of 800 mm Belt Conveyors MCL/GM/OA/PUR/E-Ten/Spindle800/14-15/31,Dt.01/10/2
6 17-Oct-2014 Recovery/Salvaging of belt structure in 79LS/7DS Dist.(Sec-B) at Hirakhand Bundia Mine of RSA, Orient Area, MCL MCL/GM/OA/SUR/14/e-Tender/NIT-127/804,Dtd.03.10.20
7 17-Oct-2014 Hiring of two nos. mini truck on 12 hrs duty basis, maximum run 3000 KM/month, for 02 years (682 days) for BOCM, Lakhanpur Area. MCL/LKPA/CGM/SO(EnM)/eNIT/14-15/122,Dtd-07.10.2014
8 17-Oct-2014 Hiring of one no. mini truck on 12 hrs duty basis, maximum run 2500 KM/month, for 02 years (682 days) for Lakhanpur OCP, Lakhanpur Area. MCL/LKPA/CGM/SO(EnM)/eNIT/14-15/124,Dtd-07.10.2014
9 17-Oct-2014 Hiring of 03 nos Hard Top Diesel Jeeps for 12 hours duty 3000 km run per month for a period of 2 years (341 days per year) for Samaleswari OCP, IB Valley Area MCL/GM/IBV/ENM/etender/111512,Dt-07.10.2014
10 17-Oct-2014 Electrical annual maintenance contract of residential and non residential buildings and all other electric installations inside hilltop colony and Gopi Vihar colony including MCL/GM/IBV/ENM/etender/111515,Dt-07.10.2014
11 17-Oct-2014 Materials shifting/handling and cleaning of workshop premises of E and M Department at Lakhanpur OCP. MCL/LA/LKPOCP/Ch.Manager(EnM)/14-15/NIT/645,Dtd-07
12 17-Oct-2014 Fabrication of base plates(05 Nos) for matching of high head pumps with H.T.motors at Lakhanpur OCP. MCL/LA/LKPOCP/Ch.Manager(EnM)/14-15/NIT/646,Dtd-07
13 17-Oct-2014 Operation of pump at Chingiriguda Railway siding/5 HP diesel pump installed at Lilari Nala for dust suppression at Chingiriguda siding at Lakhanpur OCP. MCL/LA/LKPOCP/Ch.Manager(EnM)/14-15/NIT/647,Dtd-07
14 17-Oct-2014 Diversion of 6.6KV Overhead line of feeder No-4 along the mine Coal transportation road from Milan Chowk to Puljor Nala at Lakhanpur OCP. MCL/LA/LKPOCP/Ch.Manager(EnM)/14-15/NIT/648,Dtd-07
15 17-Oct-2014 Extension of lighting line from Tata Bridge to Welcome Gate from Lilari Nala Bridge to BOCM Under pass at Lakhanpur OCP. MCL/LA/LKPOCP/Ch.Manager(EnM)/14-15/NIT/649,Dtd-07
16 18-Oct-2014 Supply of Hydraulic Oil Pump for NL - 28 Model HMT Lathe machine for for Regional Workshop/Central Garage of Orient Area. MCL/GM/OA/EnM/CG/2014-15/F-16/47,Dt-07/10/2014
17 18-Oct-2014 Making fire fighting arrangement in the mine at BOCM. MCL/LKPA/BOCM/CVL/TN/14-15/453,dt-11.10.14
18 20-Oct-2014 SUPPLY OF 3.3KV OCB SPARES MCL/GM/LKP/PUR/ET/F53/2014-15/25,Dtd.02.10.2014
19 20-Oct-2014 Procurement of Drive Chain for CHP MCL/GM(JA)/APC/ENM/JNC/E-Tend/Chain/14/96/101,Dt-0
20 20-Oct-2014 Hiring of 1(One) No. Mini Bus/Shift Bus (32 plus 1 Seater) on 12Hrs. duty, average run 120Km/day to carry employees to and fro Talcher to Project Office of Kaniha OCP for a Pe MCL/KA/EnM/HV/e-Ten/14-15/reten/76/84,Dtd-08.10.14

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