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Tenders of : Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
1 28-Mar-2017 Supply of Filters for DEMAG H55N Shovel MCL/GM/IBV/MM/ET/F210/16-17/74,Dtd-03.03.2017
2 28-Mar-2017 PROCUREMENT OF BATTERY MCL/GM(JA)/APC/E-T/BATTERY/2016/145/110,Dt-07.03.1
3 28-Mar-2017 Procurement of Stationary for Talcher Area. GM(TA)/MMD/e-TENDER/Stationary/2017/75,Dt-07/03/17
4 28-Mar-2017 Repair and Maintenance of Intermediate Pump house under Jagannath Area MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2016-17/127,Dt.16-03-17
5 28-Mar-2017 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of the Telephone Network of Bharatpur OCP and Bharatpur Area (excluding Ananta OCP) for a period of 1 year (365 days). MCL/BA/EnM/e-Tender/161767,Dtd-15.03.2017
6 28-Mar-2017 Hiring of one number of diesel driven car in the segment of Indigo or Equivalent maximum 4000 Km run per month for Finance department 12Hrs duty per day basis for one year at MCL/CWST/GM/EnM/e-T/HV/16-17/2007,Dtd-16.03.2017
7 29-Mar-2017 Supply of PVC, Fire Resistant, Solid woven, Antistatic conveyor belting of width 800 mm (Type 5) and 1000 mm (Type 5) MCL/SBP/MMD/SEC-VI/R-87/16-17/PVCbelt/139,Dt-27.02
8 29-Mar-2017 Earth filling for development of Balanda R and R site infront of Balanda College under BBSRI-OCP, Jagannath Area. MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2016-17/124,dt.11-03-20
9 30-Mar-2017 Fixing of tiles, applying wall putty and renovation of damaged toilets along with washing and painting of J2A,J2B and JC type quarters at Jagannath colony Under Jagannath Area MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2016-17/119,Dt.06-03-20
10 30-Mar-2017 Renovation of 2A and 2B Type quarters including fixing of tiles and renovation of toilets at Balanda colony Under Jagannath colliery,Jagannath Area. MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2016-17/120,Dt.06-03-20
11 30-Mar-2017 Supply of Computer Consumables MCL/BPR/MMD/OTH-29/16-17/CC/83
12 30-Mar-2017 Supply of Digitizer and Contact-less Track switches. MCL/GM/LA/MMD/232/E-Ten/Weighbridge/16-17/137,Dt-0
13 30-Mar-2017 Renovation of drain from Guest House culvert to Basti end in front of Guest House under Jagannath Area MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2016-17/125,Dt.14-03-17
14 30-Mar-2017 Hiring of 01 number 5 Te Capacity Explosive Van (12 hrs duty) 60 Km run per day for a period of 2 years (682 days) for Lajkura OCP, IB Valley Area. MCL/GM/IBV/ENM/etender/111705,Dt-18.03.2017
15 31-Mar-2017 Day to day maintenance and repairing of all type quarters of Balanda Colony for a period of Two years under Jagannath colliery, Jagannath Area MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2016-17/122,Dt.08-03-17
16 31-Mar-2017 Procurement of Lighting spares for Talcher Area. GM(TA)/MMD/e-TENDER/LightingSpares/2017/70,Dt.09/0
17 31-Mar-2017 Day to day maintenance and repairing of all type quarters of Balanda Colony for a period of Two years under Jagannath colliery, Jagannath Area MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2016-17/122,dt.08-03-20
18 31-Mar-2017 Repairing of road from Field canteen to Central colony near PCTPL camp (except CT road) and new Coal corridor near Bharatpur end before and during monsoon at Jagannath Collier
Corrigendum available
19 31-Mar-2017 Regular cleaning of settling tank near loading platform of Kanika railway siding under Basundhara (W) OCP for one year MCL/GM/BA/C/e-tender/16-17/41/1388,Dt-15.03.2017
20 31-Mar-2017 Day to day upkeeping of old VT centre premises and upkeeping of Time office and its premises under BBSRI OCP, Jagannath Area for a period of 730 days MCL/CGM(JA)/SO(C)/e-Tender/2016-17/129,Dt.17-03-17

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