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S. No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
261 14-Mar-2014 Cleaning of muck /debries from weigh bridge plateform and its side at Nawapara UG (Weigh bridge surface )
GM/BHAT/SUR/28/13-14/ 14
South Eastern Coalfields Limited,BHATGAON
262 14-Mar-2014 Cleaning of spillage coal/malma below and both side of belt conveyor of 11 D and 44 L belt at Nawapara UG(1D 30L to 44 L )    
263 14-Mar-2014 Construction of of 6 Nos. RCC sectionalisation stopping at 9 west panel of Nawapara UG (9 West panel)    
264 14-Mar-2014 Transportation /Handling of materials within the work shop and store yard and loading and unloading of materials into truck at different place in respect of Nawapara UG.    
265 14-Mar-2014 Cleaning of malma/coal debries from belt roadway and loading into belt conveyor of Shiwani UGmine (15 W panel 11 D to 36D).    
266 18-Mar-2014 Notice inviting tender for turnkey implementation of e-Governance System
Competition Commission of India,New Delhi
267 24-Mar-2014 Construction of 25 Nos. Ventilation stopping at Shiwani UG mine (Main dip panel (Between 1 D to 0D).
GM/BHAT/SUR/28/13-14/ 18
South Eastern Coalfields Limited,BHATGAON
268 24-Mar-2014 Construction of 02 Nos. Air crossing at Shiwani UG mine (Main dip panel (0 D and 1D/79 L).  
Corrigendum available
269 24-Mar-2014 Transportation/Shifting of 1000mm belt materials and extension upto 1D/52L (main dip panel )and transportations of track line from surface to main dip panel and its laying and packing at Nawapara UG (surface to main dip panel ).    
270 14-Apr-2014 Grouting of roof bolts for all running distt. at Baherabandh UG Mine of Hasdeo Area.
SECL/CGM/HSD/GM(M)/14-15/TN/01/01, Date - 26/03/20
South Eastern Coalfields Limited,HASDEO
271 14-Apr-2014 Cleaning/removal of spilled coal below Discharge point/Tail ends of T3 C seam and G1 C seam Belt conveyors at 40 LS/-4Dip in seam C at Kurja sheetaldhara UG Mine of Hasdeo Area.    
272 14-Apr-2014 Cleaning of road weigh bridge at kurja UG Mine of Hasdeo Area.    
273 14-Apr-2014 Supporting of roof by manual drill of holes, jamming and tightening the roof bolts with bearing plates/W-straps including carriage of materials from nearest district store to working faces of KCN-12 District in seam C at Kapildhara UG Mine.    
274 16-May-2014 Construction of Two (02) Nos. air Crossing for panel no.24 North along 4 Rise at 2L and 3L Jun. of 4A seam at Haldibari UG.  
Corrigendum available
275 14-Apr-2014 Transportation of different type of material from surface to UG and UG to Surface at Haldibari UG.    
276 14-Apr-2014 Malma cleaning, Removal of debries from galleries and stacking with in 50M lead along 4D from surface bunkar to 56L in Main Belt of seam -A at Kapildhara UG Mine.    
277 14-Apr-2014 White washing in UG gallery along 3D and 4D from Inc. mouth to 56 L in Main dip of seam-A at Kapildhara UG Mine.    
278 17-Apr-2014 Extension of 14 coaches new pit line Solapur by 14 coachs to 18 coaches length DPWP 2013 14 Pit line no 2 RBPC pit line
Central Railway,Solapur
279 25-Apr-2014 1 Extension of 14 coaches new pit line Solapur by 14 coach s to 18 coaches length DPWP 2013 14 Pit line no 2 RBPC pit line  
Corrigendum available
280 6-May-2014 Erection and commissioning of 33KV/0.415KV, 100KVA transformer, 33KV isolator and DO fuse structure for power supply to outsourcing dumping light of KHD.
Corrigendum available
Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL), Singrauli,Khadia
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