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S. No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
1281 5-May-2017 Turnkey Execution of E and M Work for Chiludgad M.H. Scheme (2x50 KW) in Mori Block of District Uttarakashi
Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency,Dehradun
1282 5-May-2017 Repair-renovation of EDS Section at Works-I at GSF, Cossipore.
Ordnance Factory Board,Kolkata
1283 5-May-2017 Strengthening of river side boundary wall of DSC line at JRE at GSF, Cossipore.
Ordnance Factory Board,Kolkata
1284 5-May-2017 Repair of RCC roof of TR Heat Treat,ladies toilet,CDO,Canteen,EandY, Shell Heat treat, repair of AC sheet roof of TR 2 storied toilet,godown at N side of TR at GSF
Ordnance Factory Board,Kolkata
1285 5-May-2017 Construction of new toilet block for contractor labourers at STE -one no and JRE -one no with attached rest rooms at GSF, Cossipore.
Ordnance Factory Board,Kolkata
1286 5-May-2017 Construction of 11(Eleven)nos. sectionalisation stoppings in between 17 dip and main dip in Kenda seam of Parasea Colliery, Kunustoria Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1287 5-May-2017 Contract for outsourcing of the supply ,installations, commissioning operation of the dewatering pumps at (-)60 mRL
RFQ 6792
Hindustan Copper Limited,Kolkata
1288 5-May-2017 Loading, Transportation Unloading of 5,00,000 MT of Copper Ore from Kolihan Copper Mine stockpile to Khetri Copper Complex Concentrator plant stockpile through Road.
RFQ 6772
Hindustan Copper Limited,Kolkata
Corrigendum available
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1290 5-May-2017 Cleaning of stone fall/ debris from (-) I L /16DIP- 13DIP, 0 L/16dip-13dip, I L/16dip to 13dip, 16dip/(-) I L to I L, 15dip/(-) I L to IL, 14dip/(-) I L to I L the return
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1291 5-May-2017 Construction of eleven (11) Nos. Isolation stoppings (1.0m) thick proposed B1E caving panel from 48L to 45L/25dip-26dip and 29dip to 23dip/45L-44L in R-VI (Bonbahal) seam
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1292 5-May-2017 Re-Construction at 05(five) nos. isolation stoppings at 21D-25D/48L-49L outside of caving panel B1B in R-VI (Bonbahal) seam of Khottadih Colliery, Pandaveswar Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1293 5-May-2017 Construction of WBM Road at Bonjemehari Railway Siding.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1294 5-May-2017 Repairing of Siding road at Sitalpur Railway siding under SB Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1295 5-May-2017 Construction of weigh bridge foundation and ramp at Sitalpur Railway siding under SB Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1296 5-May-2017 Supplying of portable water to different units of Quarters and executive hostel, recreation centre at V N Colony under SB Area (for One Year).
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1297 5-May-2017 Making WBM road through Railway track and barbed wire fencing at Dalurbandh railway siding under SB Project.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1298 5-May-2017 Construction of 3.6 mtr internal dia masonry well 13.75 mtr deep for Rehab site of Sonepur Village (two Nos).
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1299 5-May-2017 Construction of Coal lab room and water tank at railway siding under S B Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1300 5-May-2017 PCC Pavement on Railway siding Road at Sitalpur Railway siding under Sonepur Bazari Area (350 Mtr Length).
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
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