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S. No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
1561 12-May-2017 Complete sanitation work of GM office complex at Subedarganj, Allahabad.
16-Med./San./GM office/2017
North Central Railway,Allahabad
1562 12-May-2017 Complete sanitation of Malgodown New Malgodown and Police line colony of Allahabad.
16-Med.-San-MG - PL-2017
North Central Railway,Allahabad
1563 12-May-2017 Complete sanitation work of Railgaon colony at Subedarganj, Allahabad.
16-Med./San./Railgaon colony/2017
North Central Railway,Allahabad
1564 12-May-2017 Different types of Civil Works at Jhanjra Area.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1565 13-May-2017 Repainting of various structures of LMMM (Axis 1 to 83), EMD pipe lines and supporting structures and other miscellaneous structures in Rollin
Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited,Visakhapatnam
1566 13-May-2017 Transportation of Coal at Gokul OCM of Umrer Area.
Western Coalfields Limited,Nagpur
1567 13-May-2017 1) Spraying of water for dust suppression over the road surface from CHP to NH 7 Junction point via pandan road under Kamptee Sub Area.
na3250-civ-e-tender 01- 2017-18
Western Coalfields Limited,Nagpur
1568 13-May-2017 1) Providing and fixing air cooling ducting arrangement work at Nagpur area office building Nagpur area.(2nd Call)
na3250-civ-e-tender 03- 2017-18
Western Coalfields Limited,Nagpur
1569 13-May-2017 1) Providing and fixing cuboid table structure at Accounts department hall on 2nd floor of AGM office building of Nagpur Area
na3250-civ-e-tender 04- 2017-18
Western Coalfields Limited,Nagpur
1570 13-May-2017 One time Permanents job at 7 no-X-cut section at Dishergarh Seam of Ningha Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1571 13-May-2017 Side wall at 7 no-X-cut section of Dishergarh seam at Ningha Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1572 13-May-2017 Construction of side wall at 1st level/1st dip to 0 dip, 1st dip/1st level to 2nd level and 1st dip/1st level junction of Dishergarh Seam at Ningha Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1573 13-May-2017 Establishment of proposed 15L endless haulage road by cleaning, dressing from O dip to 12 W.D along 15 level construction brick side wall at O dip off 15L junction 3 W.D off 1
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1574 13-May-2017 Laying of Water Delivery Range from 63L to 34L along 1st west dip in Sripur Seam of SSI Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1575 13-May-2017 Construction of side wall along permanent haulage roadways at Kalipahari colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1576 13-May-2017 Construction of side wall for Roof Support towards the west side of Kalipahari Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1577 13-May-2017 Cleaning of carbonaceous materials at Dishergarh Seam of Ningha Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1578 13-May-2017 Roof bolting towards the west side of 33 R-From 10L to 28L to be used as haulage road for panel No-11 of Kusha Danga Seam of Kalipahari Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1579 13-May-2017 Roof bolting towards the west side of Kalipahari Colliery in proposed Panel No-11 for permanent roof supporting at haulage roadway.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
1580 13-May-2017 Roof bolting along 22 rise up to 29th level for proposed depillaring panel at SSI Colliery.
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL),Disergarh
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